I went to “Smart Set Travel” for their Sandals Honeymoon Party and I was in such aaah with their presentation and appetizers, that I said this is my Dream Honeymoon!! I dragged my future husband Andy back to “Smart Set Travel” to show him the dreamy packages so we could try and figure out where to go for our honeymoon!!

My future husband was a little reluctant at first, but with a little persuasion with some beautiful pictures of the resorts and pictures of all the food, and a “Honeymoon Registry” (which definitely helped) we picked the All-Inclusive “Halcyon Resort” at St. Lucia!!

Our exciting honeymoon day finally came (we thought) but then hurricane “Ivan” decided to visit Jamaica the same time our flight was to land in Jamaica!! Our flight was cancelled, so two hours later with the great efforts and wonderful help of Barbara in the travel agency, two weeks later we finally were able to go on our honeymoon, yeah!! It was soooo exciting landing in Jamaica the feeling was so cool!! I always thought it looked neat to walk up a plane by stairs and I finally got too! We walked out of the plane onto the stairs and instantly I loved the way the weather felt so warm!! We went to “Montego Bay Resort” to hang out while we had a layover!! That’s the best thing about the all inclusive “Sandals” packages because whatever island you’re on, all the resorts are included to use and everything is free you just can’t sleep there.. We drove there on their taxi van and that was an experience. They drive on the other side of the road there and the steering wheel is on the opposite side of ours, which was totally an adventure!! We had a few drinks and met another couple that had the same schedule as us while we hung out at the beach and had a good time at the resort. The water was crystal clear beautiful and all these cut little crabs with shells on their backs were crawling on the white sand!! Then we left to go to St. Lucia , which was a three-hour flight from Jamaica!!

We landed in St. Lucia and drove on the adventuresome road to our “Halcyon Resort”. They drive crazy over there that was an exciting experience in itself!! We finally got there and it was amazing!! They greet you with champagne and make you feel like royalty!! They give you a wet cloth with your gift bag full of shampoos and soap etc. along with your key to your room. We didn’t even touch our luggage they take care of it all for you.. The resort is beautiful, it’s like you see it in the pictures, and we were just in aaah!! Everything is so beautiful, cheerful, and clean!! We went to our room and it was so cheerful too. At about 6:30 p.m. I noticed the cutest sound of all these things chirping outside that sounded like crickets, I found out that they are little chirper frogs!! I loved the sound of them so much we recorded it with our camera!! They make the neatest sound starting at sunset and go all night long, it gave me a relaxing feeling!!

As we were exploring the resort a steel drum band started playing. I also love the sound of steel drums, with some drinks in our hands, listening to the steel drum band, the chirper frogs and watching the full moon going in and out of clouds, I was on such a natural high thinking life can’t get any better than this!! The overall feeling was awesome!!!!

The next day on our orientation, they gave us a tour and told us about everything we can do and boy there are tons of things to do!! Everyday and night they have different fun activities going on, there is always something to do and its what you choose to participate in. The more you participate in activities the more points you get for sandal necklaces to win, (we learned can get very competitive, ha ha)!! The “playmates” at the pool are wonderful they make it so fun to play in the activities. Lots of jokes are played with the playmates and us guests that make everyone laugh. We played pool Olympics, volleyball, swimming contests, darts, and more. As a matter of fact we exchanged emails with one of them to keep in touch, you start to feel like family!! Oooh we loved their accents too, they speak neat!!

My husband was in heaven with all of their scrumptious food. I think for that alone he would have gone! The food is pretty much 24/7 and it’s delicious!! You have so many different choices of food to choose from, from all the resorts and they all taste fabulous!! It’s fun to explore all the resorts as well, from eating at the different restaurants, checking out the beautiful resorts and the scenery, and playing the different activities on the resorts!! (A tip of advice: for some of the restaurants you need reservations, make them as soon as you arrive on your resort.) We did so many fun things. We hung out in the pool and met about three other couples we hung out with all week, we even exchanged emails with them that to this day we are writing to them. We have an agreement that in five years we’re all going back together for our anniversaries!! As I mentioned earlier we competed in some of the pool activities which was a blast, we went out in the catamaran almost everyday, went on a tour of the island and went snorkeling, explored the others resorts and restaurants, and had a wonderful couples massage together!!! There are so many fun activities to do to have an adventuresome experience!!

One of the best and weirdest feelings was not having to pull your wallet out constantly to pay for tips and everything else. That took some adjusting, but we adjusted quickly to that ha ha. After the week was over we had to adjust back to pulling out our wallets again, which is soo sad!! As our week ended we had to dreadfully leave this wonderful paradise, we didn’t want to come home, we felt sad having to leave this wonderful place and all the nice people we met.

This is definitely one of the best trips my husband and I have ever had!! It was like you couldn’t believe you were there, kind of like those pinch me kind of experiences. These All-Inclusive trips are the way to go, you get hooked on them, and we are already trying to figure out when we can go again!! (If sooner than the five year anniversary ha ha.) “Smart Set Travel” was so helpful and friendly too, I like the family run feeling at their travel agency!! It makes you feel like part of the family. They truly take care of and look after you there. We feel they helped make our honeymoon a dream come true trip with all of their assistance!! Ooh, we also got free luggage and a set of china dishes which was an added plus to the whole package. They were both very nice as well.

Thank you “Smart Set Travel” for all of your help with making our honeymoon an awesome, adventurous, and wonderful experience we will always remember and never forget!!


Renee & Andy Sybesma