Planning A Knockout Honeymoon

Whether its basking in the sun on a tropical beach or cycling through quaint villages in Spain, planning a honeymoon that interests both of you will provide an enjoyable escape and the opportunity to bond as husband and wife..

With so many new options for honeymoon travel these days it may be difficult to choose. There are adventure vacations, tropical beaches, sophisticated cities, and luxury ski-resort destinations, just to name a few. Most couples choose the modular approach where you can assemble or create a unique honeymoon while others opt for all-inclusive packages where everything is included for one priceóresorts complete with dining, discotheques, and beachfront volleyball or honeymoon cruises where you'll have all the convenience of home right at your finger tips and still explore foreign lands just by walking down the gangplank.

Do a little research of your own before you make your final decision. Visit a travel agency, browse through travel publications, and review the travel section of your newspaper to read about fabulous destinations around the world and get some ideas. They often will tell of some great, unknown site or exciting hotel that you wouldn't have considered otherwise.

Check the average weather for the locale you're interested in for the season you are planning your trip. Even the most wonderful destinations have an off-season such as tropical storms and hurricanes.

When it comes time to book, use a travel agent who specializes in honeymoon destinations. They know about the specials and package deals, have visited many of the sites with honeymoon suites and they may know where not to go on a honeymoon; dangerous or volatile destinations and other third-world countries will not make for a relaxing getaway. It is best if you will be traveling to unknown whereabouts to get the advise of one of these pros before you begin making hotel and airline commitments.

Prepare yourself for the upcoming adventure with some exercises and skin priming. Your body may look slim but is it in shape? Join a gym or practice some exercises regularly each week for at least 6 months prior to your hiking adventure in Nepal or your cycling tour through the Napa wine country. Getting your skin a few shades darker will prevent you from serious skin damage along with the sunscreen you'll need every day on your treks or sunbathing excursions. And don't forget the sunscreen, once you're in a foreign country it may be harder to find. So be sure to pack a tube of waterproof 30 spf and smother yourself as necessary. Nothing quells the fire of your passionate cuddling more than a pulled muscle or scorched tender skin; not to mention hindering the rest of the plans you had been looking forward to.

If you plan to go abroad, make sure your passport is current. If you don't have one now is the time to get started. Make it one of your top priorities at least one month before your departure date, to avoid any problems. Be sure to apply for new ones with your given name not your married name. You'll only be able to travel as Mrs. Jones after the ceremony takes place and by then there will be no time to get a new passport.

Make sure you get the honeymoon suite! The hotels offer many extra amenities for newly married couples and you should take full advantage of the champagne, flowers, chocolates and other special items that are included for honeymooners.

And one more thing, don't forget to pack that sexy lacy lingerie that will be revealed on this very special and romantic trip. Splurge for the exotic, spicy things you could never justify spending money on. Here's a tip: men love red, white and black. Don't be shy, ask your guy which color he thinks is the most alluring and then surprise him with a merry widow set all in that color complete with stilettos and watch his newlywed mouth drop to the floor. This is one vacation you don't ever want to forget.

Bon Voyage!