• Free Internet Access for All!

    Tired of staying in hotels that charge extra for everything from in-room telephone use to Internet access to parking? If so, you’re not alone. Many travelers are fed up with all the up-charges.

    The good news is that hotel properties have heard your complaints. In fact, many mid-price and limited-service properties have eliminated charges for in-room, high-speed Internet access. The hotels are working hard to attract price-sensitive business travelers.

    Some chains that either already have or plan to eliminate these charges include Best Western, Drury Hotels, Residence Inn, Hampton Inns and Holiday Inn, among others.

    Let us know if you have any specific requests the next time we book a hotel stay for you. We’ll find both the best prices and the best amenities—no matter what your budget.

    TSA installing new airport bomb sniffing detectors

    With a sharp eye focused on the threat of explosives, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) today announced that it has deployed explosives detection trace portal machines to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) and Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD). The two airports join Baltimore-Washington International and 23 others nationwide in a program designed to prevent explosives material from getting on-board commercial aircraft.

    Passengers identified as needing additional screening, as well as passengers selected at random, will pass through the trace portal for explosives detection screening. As passengers enter the trace portal, they are asked to stand still for a few seconds while several "bursts" of air are released, dislodging microscopic particles from passengers that are then collected and analyzed for traces of explosives. A computerized voice indicates when a passenger may exit the portal. TSA officers will take necessary and appropriate steps to resolve alarms.

    TSA has already advanced its explosives detection capabilities at the passenger security checkpoint by deploying trace portals at airports in Baltimore; Boston; Dallas (DFW); Gulfport, Miss.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Las Vegas; Los Angeles; Miami; Newark; New York (JFK); Palm Beach, Fla., Phoenix; Providence, R.I.; Rochester, N.Y.; San Francisco; San Diego; Pittsburgh; Tampa, Fla.; Charlotte, N.C.; Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; San Juan, P.R.; and Indianapolis.

    Cruising at Any Age

    Cruising offers seniors exotic ports of call, adventure activities, healthy dining, fitness classes, and enrichment programs on topics like computers, art, music and nature.

    Even if you haven’t yet reached your “Golden Years,” it’s worth looking into cruising. Cruises make the perfect multi-generation family vacation destination. Each family member can participate in activities appropriate for their interests and ages, and the entire family can reconvene for a relaxing dinner.

    Cruises are also great gift ideas. Can’t figure out what to give your parents for their anniversary or birthday? Ask the family to pitch in and treat them with a cruise.

    Peace of Mind

    We’ve all got insurance. For our cars, our homes and even our lives. But what about our travel? Travel insurance lets you confidently make travel plans, knowing you’re protected if the unexpected happens.

    Travel insurance allows you to receive a refund for travel that has to be cancelled for health emergencies or supplier problems, for example. A lesser-known coverage, called “evacuation coverage” repatriates international travelers who cannot get emergency medical care at their destination or prefer to be treated in their home city.

    If you would like the peace of mind travel insurance can provide, just let us know. We can walk you through the options with no pressure to buy.

  • Remember: Without a travel agent, you're on your own