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Lanai Hawaii's Most Secluded Island
Luxury And Adventure


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Lanai offers a totally different kind of Hawaiian Holiday. Once only used for pineapple production, Lanai is now a private retreat centered upon two, award-winning, luxurious resorts. The Lodge at Koele is like a country estate located in the wooded highlands of the island. The Manele Bay Hotel is a Mediterranean-style, beachfront resort surrounded by lush gardens and waterfalls, overlooking magnificent bays.

And, although the atmosphere is unhurried, the available diversions include biking, tennis, championship golf, four-wheel driving, big game fishing, snorkeling, hiking, diving, and horseback riding. You'll even find a library reading room, fine restaurants, picnics, garden tea service, full spa facilities, lawn bowling, and croquet.

This private island is for those who appreciate the utmost in luxury, with a twist of adventure.


Lanai is an Island apart and in it's own time zone
Lanai - A Lush Private Island

Below are two luxury hotels for you to review, showing the exceptional resort accommodations  for your Customized Hawaiian Vacation. When you find a property that is suitable for your vacation requirements, request a personalized Hawaii Price Quote.

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